Using Integrators in Matlab to Simulate the Motion of an Object

This article focuses on two types of integrators for simulating the motion of an object in Matlab (or Octave). Videos and downloadable source code are at the end of this article. Note that a free alternative to Matlab, called Octave, can also be used to run the software and this is covered here and inContinue reading “Using Integrators in Matlab to Simulate the Motion of an Object”

Windows Visual Studio

This is my first post – nothing exciting – probably more of a rant. I used Microsoft’s Visual Studio (VS) for about a year to add modules to several C++ projects that involved 1553 communications protocol. Prior to that I’d mainly coded C++ using NetBeans as the IDE with the Cygwin GNU compiler – bothContinue reading “Windows Visual Studio”

Why do I code? Insanity.

Seriously though – one has to be really into it in order to handle the frustrations associated with learning a new coding language, debugging somebody’s else code, debugging one’s own code that’s been dormant for 6 months, etc. In the past procedural programming was all I knew (consider that I graduated from Auburn University inContinue reading “Why do I code? Insanity.”