Neural Network “Machine Vision” using Singular Value Decomposition for Feature Extraction

This article discusses a simple case of using a Neural Network to interpret an image, which contains a traffic light system, with the objective being to correctly identify if the light is red, yellow, or green. Here is a video link which goes over the basic running of the software. If you send a donationContinue reading “Neural Network “Machine Vision” using Singular Value Decomposition for Feature Extraction”

Use Matlab API to Increase Performance of Java, C++, or Python Applications

MATLAB ( – hereon referred to as “Matlab” – has come a long ways since the early days – especially regarding the execution time for matrix and other types of operations. It’s almost unparalleled when compared to the available math libraries for other coding languages. As such, it has become another important toolbox for theContinue reading “Use Matlab API to Increase Performance of Java, C++, or Python Applications”

Consulting for AI Projects

I’m currently open to consulting on AI projects – my AI resume can be reviewed here and my “Visual Resume” can be reviewed here. The best way to contact me is by email at first – Send me a description of what you want to accomplish and we can start discussing the issues aroundContinue reading “Consulting for AI Projects”

Neural Network Stock Selector

I’ve been developing this code base for about 6 years – even longer in a casual manner. Over the past 6 months I’ve been upgrading the code base from a very old version of Matlab to Matlab R2017b (4 years old but still reasonably recent). In a nutshell, the system develops Neural Networks to analyzeContinue reading “Neural Network Stock Selector”

What are Super Nets?

Let’s start with the example of students in a medical school. There are 1,000 students and the top 100 students (the top 10%) are getting straight A’s because they are bright and they have studied diligently. Would you say that all of these 100 students (the top 10 percenters) will do equally well out inContinue reading “What are Super Nets?”

A Software Profiler is Your Best Friend

One of the key assets in your suite of software testing tools is the Profiler, and you should get to know it well. The Profiler is “standard equipment” with most software development environments and has a wide array of capabilities to help point out weak areas of the code, to demonstrate the bottlenecks where mostContinue reading “A Software Profiler is Your Best Friend”

Good Data Means Fast Neural Network Training Times

The Pyrenn Levenberg-Marquardt training algorithm for Feed-Forward Neural Networks is extremely fast – 0.140 seconds for a Neural controller which must simultaneously balance an inverted pendulum, mounted on a cart, while moving the cart back to the origin – watch the short video below. In the vast majority of the Neural Network applications that I’veContinue reading “Good Data Means Fast Neural Network Training Times”

Neural Network Performance Shaping Preview

This is just a quick preview of what will be coming on my first Patrons-only post on my Patreon account (sometime in the next 2 weeks) – A Neural Network was trained on a single pass of the behavior of a cart with inverted pendulum system being controlled by a conventional controller. The PerformanceContinue reading “Neural Network Performance Shaping Preview”

Keep It Simple

Neural Networks don’t always require complex frameworks and other mathematical algorithms to support them – it’s always best to start simple and only increase the complexity when absolutely needed. A case in point is this Neural Network control system that was designed to control one specific RC helicopter airframe and yet … was able toContinue reading “Keep It Simple”

New Patreon Site for Learning to Apply AI

My new Patreon site is now up and running – It can be very intimidating when seeing all of the requirements for Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers (multiple languages, frameworks, etc.). Thus, the intent of the Patreon effort will be for me to help you lose your fear of attempting to use NeuralContinue reading “New Patreon Site for Learning to Apply AI”