Neural Network Performance Shaping Preview

This is just a quick preview of what will be coming on my first Patrons-only post on my Patreon account (sometime in the next 2 weeks) – A Neural Network was trained on a single pass of the behavior of a cart with inverted pendulum system being controlled by a conventional controller. The Performance Shaping technique was then implemented which allows the user to command the Neural controller to either quickly minimize the Pendulum angle error (and maintain the minimum error) or quickly minimize the Cart position error. This is a powerful technique that allows you to use a single data set while building in the ability to modulate the performance of the Neural controller in favor of the Pendulum or in favor of the Cart.

The video shows first the Neural controller being commanded to quickly minimize the Cart position error, while keeping the inverted pendulum upright. Then the Neural controller is commanded to quickly minimize the Pendulum angle error – it does this and slowly walks the Cart back to the zero reference point (thus zeroing out the Cart position error). The horizontal red arrows are the Neural controller commanded forces acting on the Cart. A set of plots are shown at the end of the video.


Published by Joys and Sorrows of Coding

Originally my degree was in Aerospace Engineering but I started coding in school and was hooked. In those days it was FORTRAN and reverse Polish notation on my hand-held HP 41-CV computer. Later I learned C, Pascal, Matlab, Java, C++, HTML and Python. Now I'm learning Android (Java) with Android Studio. The main IDEs that I use are NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, and Android Studio.

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