New Patreon Site for Learning to Apply AI

My new Patreon site is now up and running –

It can be very intimidating when seeing all of the requirements for Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers (multiple languages, frameworks, etc.). Thus, the intent of the Patreon effort will be for me to help you lose your fear of attempting to use Neural Networks for real-world applications and to get you up to speed on basic methods and techniques. These tutorials will teach you the important core fundamentals that you need to know in order to: 1) understand and code up the application, and 2) form a good understanding of the solution in order to tailor and build a high-performance Neural Network.

The coding language for each project will either be Matlab / Octave script or Java. Eventually Python may be added to the mix. No purchase of tools will be necessary – Octave and Java Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and the Software Development Kits (SDKs) can be downloaded at no cost from the internet.

The first lesson will be published for subscribers sometime in mid February. I’m excited and passionate about this new path and will do my best to provide a superior and satisfying product for my subscribers. I want you to learn and become cutting-edge AI engineers.

There are two subscription tiers, as discussed below.

Tier 1 ($5 per month):
Access to application description, downloadable source code, and basic instructions for setting up and building the Neural Network solution.

Tier 2 ($10 per month):
The same as Tier 1 with the addition of videos:
– of application and solution code walk-throughs,
– with detailed explanations of the Neural Network training and test data setup processing, and
– on how to learn from the training sessions and improve performance, etc.


Published by Joys and Sorrows of Coding

Originally my degree was in Aerospace Engineering but I started coding in school and was hooked. In those days it was FORTRAN and reverse Polish notation on my hand-held HP 41-CV computer. Later I learned C, Pascal, Matlab, Java, C++, HTML and Python. Now I'm learning Android (Java) with Android Studio. The main IDEs that I use are NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, and Android Studio.

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