Why do I code? Insanity.

Seriously though – one has to be really into it in order to handle the frustrations associated with learning a new coding language, debugging somebody’s else code, debugging one’s own code that’s been dormant for 6 months, etc.

In the past procedural programming was all I knew (consider that I graduated from Auburn University in 1986 with an Aerospace Engineering degree) – then in 2013 I started teaching myself Object Oriented Programming with Java (really got into building Swing applications) and then from there I picked up C++ as well (no I’m not an expert – the more you know, the more you realize how little you really know).

My favorite language is Java – many years ago, in 1996 to be exact, I picked up a copy of a Java book and had that gut instinct that this language was “it”. However at the time I had a bee in my bonnet about showing that AI (that’s right – it existed way back then and before then) – specifically Neural Networks could fly a helicopter, so that was my focus for the next decade and a half. I’d already applied AI to numerous applications starting in 1990 so I had a pretty good intuitive feel for it.

So this blog is really just to document some of my thoughts, struggles, projects, and possible ideas. It’s more of a personal thing to just “put out there” – I’m not expecting to have a following of any kind. But I’m going to enjoy the journey.


Published by Joys and Sorrows of Coding

Originally my degree was in Aerospace Engineering but I started coding in school and was hooked. In those days it was FORTRAN and reverse Polish notation on my hand-held HP 41-CV computer. Later I learned C, Pascal, Matlab, Java, C++, HTML and Python. Now I'm learning Android (Java) with Android Studio. The main IDEs that I use are NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, and Android Studio.

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